• The Community Library (map)
  • 415 Spruce Ave North
  • Ketchum
  • 208.726.3493

This class is designed for Spanish language learners at the intermediate levels of proficiency. Students will have the opportunity to increase Spanish proficiency in real-world terms. Speaking, listening, and reading are emphasized. Students will practice description, discussion, role-play, and task completion within paired and group conversation. Communication strategies will also be practiced. New, more refined vocabulary and grammar will be presented specific to various topics of discussion.

You are in an intermediate level of proficiency if you can participate in conversations on a number of familiar topics using simple sentences or a series of sentences, handle SHORT social interactions in everyday situations by asking and answering questions, usually say what you want to say about yourself and your everyday life, usually talk about events and experiences in various time frames, and handle social interactions in everyday situations, sometimes even when there is an unexpected complication.