• Studio Move Ketchum (map)
  • 231 Northwood Way
  • Ketchum
  • 208-721-0444

Tuesdays & Fridays @ 9am
(guaranteed results)  No monthly fees!
Pay per time $12 or a
Punch card $100 for 10 classes
Long, lean, firm thighs, strong abs, a lifted derrière, shapely arms, back and shoulders. Who wouldn’t want all that? Your posture improves, your body is lifted and lengthened.
Some of the benefits of Barre workouts:
Improved posture, which helps one appear taller and leaner
Strengthening of stabilizing muscles, which help prevent overuse INJURIESfrom forward motion exercises
Improve balance, which NATURALLY decreases with age
Long shapely muscle tone
Visible results if done regularly.
Get ready for some serious body sculpting!
You will feel your muscles burn and your body quiver. Be pleasantly surprised by sweating, and discover muscles that you never knew existed.