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  • Ketchum
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Enjoy a glass of wine as you tour the exhibition with The Center’s curators and gallery guides.


The Unreliable Narrator considers the power of the narrator who may not be trustworthy: a storyteller who misleads, or perhaps misunderstands the events unfolding in the course of a story, or asks the reader to construct their own narrative structure as they read a book, watch a play or film, or look at a work of art. How do we know when we can believe the story we’re being told? 

(DATE CHANGE: Please note this evening exhibition tour date has changed from the originally published date of Oct 19)

Part of The Center’s BIG IDEA project The Unreliable Narrator, Sep 1–Nov 24, 2017.

Visual Arts Residency for The Unreliable Narrator is generously sponsored by Jennifer E. Wilson.