• The Community Library (map)
  • 415 Spruce Avenue North
  • Ketchum
  • 208.726.3493

The next TV Discussion Group at the library will analyze Season One of “Friday Night Lights” much in the way a book group critiques a novel. This series, which won multiple Emmy awards, tremendous critical acclaim and passionate fans is a fictional portrait of a small town in a football-crazy part of Texas. But it isn’t just about high school kids and it definitely isn’t only for lovers of football. It is as fiercely controlled and inventive a work of art as television has produced in this century’s golden age of the small screen drama. Ketchum resident Mimi Avins, who covered pop culture in her years as a staff writer for The Los Angeles Times, will lead the discussion. Each session will explore several episodes of the series, which is available on Netflix and on DVD at the library. The group is free, but advanced registration is requested. To sign up and receive the viewing schedule, please contact Scott Burton at sburton@comlib.org or 806-2621.


“When learned that there would be a ‘TV’ book club at the Library, I thought, ‘why not’?’ Mimi Ivins, was extremely well informed, did her preparation thoroughly, and elicited group participation so everyone was involved. This experience was a winner, and I look forward to the next one!” -Margery Friedlander

“The Community Library’s discussion group on ‘The Americans’ last June was lots of fun. I enjoyed Mimi’s well-organized and thoughtful approach to leading the group. She shared her knowledge from years of covering Hollywood for the LA Times to help us understand how the sausage is made. The discussions brought out different ways that people understand the material and it helped me get to know other members of the community. I look forward to future discussion groups!” -Ed Forman