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  • Ketchum
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Sun Valley Center & Magic Lantern Present

2017 Film: Manakamana

$10 / $12 nonmembers

Breathtaking, poignant and mesmerizing, Manakamana is a documentary shot entirely inside the narrow bubble of a cable car, high above a jungle in Nepal, as it transports villagers and tourists to an ancient mountaintop temple. Filmed in 16mm and comprised of 11 rides (each a single take corresponds to the length of a roll of film), Manakamana is a tender, ephemeral character study of its passengers and a window onto the lush, rolling landscape of a country in transition from ancient tradition to modernity. This evocative and rigorously structured documentary presents a rich sensory experience that ignites the viewer’s imagination to fill in the past, present and future of each moment as they watch. As a part of Contemplative Practice.  (118 minutes).

Part of The Center’s BIG IDEA project Contemplative Practice, Mar 31 – Jun 23, 2017.