• the SPOT (map)
  • 220 Lewis St #2
  • Ketchum
  •  208.928.6241

The Spot brings the beautiful and quirky work of beloved composer William Finn (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) back to Sun Valley with his autobiographical musical, A New Brain. It is a medical tragedy as seen through the iris of a Looney Tunes short. After struggling composer Gordon Michael Schwinn collapses at the piano, he is diagnosed with a brain tumor and forced to come to terms with his creative ambitions and the people in his life: an overbearing mother, a ruthless kiddie-show host , and a boyfriend who’d “rather be sailing." A compelling and sentimental journey that allows audiences to bear witness to the healing power of art.

Suitable for ages 13+

Gordon Michael Schwinn – Kevin Wade
Homeless Lady – Yanna Lantz
Mr. Bungee – Ward Loving
Rhoda –  Sara Gorby
Richard – Brett Moellenberg
Nancy D. –  Megan Mahoney
Mimi Schwinn – Karen Nelsen
Roger-Delli-Rovi – Grant Carey

Director – Brett Moellenberg
Music Director – Dorinda Rendahl
Light Design – Samuel Mollner
Costume Design – Megan Mahoney
Set Design – Peter Burke
Prop Design  –  Yanna Lantz
Sound Design – Jay Cutler

Piano  –  Dorinda Rendahl
Violin  –  Alyssa Claffey
Percussion – Jason Vontver
Bass – Brad Hershey


3|83|93|103|11 @ 7:30pm

3|153|163|173|18 @ 7:30pm