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Cleansing at NourishMe

Do you feel sluggish? Overweight and wish you could drop a few pounds?

Clear your calendar. We can help. Our spring cleanses begin in March and continue through May. We invite you to sign-up at the store or call (208) 928-7604. The dates are:

1. March 7-14

2. April 18-25

3. May 16-23

Did you know that besides filtering all toxins the liver synthesis a body’s serotonin? Or that our gut and all mucosal linings are part of the immune system? And that our immune system can respond to our thoughts?

The purpose of this particular cleanse is to clear the liver so it’s able to do some 500 jobs a day; to help our intestines break down and absorb the foods we eat; and to relieve stress from the body, mind and soul.

We offer a stress free, week long cleanse – we do all the cooking  and juicing for you. There’s virtually no shopping, cooking or cleaning for the participant.

We make green drinks with some herbs to kick the toxins back into the bloodstream.

And we add ghee (clarified butter) hemp and flax oil in our kitcharee to attract the toxins.

Essiac tea nourishes the liver and kidneys, while copious amounts of lemon water will open up the liver, keep you hydrated and help pass toxins through the kidneys without stopping to have a party.

Most of us eat too much or too much of the wrong foods, or are exposed (unknowingly) to heavy metals, pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones. Our livers become so overwhelmed with dealing with these potentially dangerous things that it has trouble keeping up with it’s daily housekeeping.

By limiting our foods to a few easily digested ones we can let the liver relax enough to bring out all the nasty stuff it has been stuffing under the bed. It will have time to reach the mind dulling cobwebs in the attic. The liver will be able to move the sludge of hormones bottled up in the basement moodily weighting to be processed.

What’s else? Every Cleanser will get one 20-minute acupressure Jin Shin Jyutsu session with Julie; directions on how to do Chakra Tai Chi each day; lessons on oil pulling and dry brushing.