• Studio Move (map)
  • 231 Northwood Way
  • Sun Valley, ID, 83353
  • 208-721-0444

LINE DANCZEN FOOTWORK 6:30 – 7:30pm. If you are new to Line Dancing, or would like to spend some extra time learning the footwork come to our Line DancZen Footwork classes. We offer a 30 min. footwork class from 6:30 – 7pm for $5 pp. Regular class starts at 7pm. We will cover some of the footwork involved in the nights’ line dances.

LINE DANCZEN CLASS is held from 7 – 8pm most Friday nights. We first walk through the steps without music, then once everyone is comfortable with the steps we dance to the music. Line dancing is a great way to find your groove on the dance floor, to practice the 3 R’s of partner dancing – Rhythm, Repetition & Reflection, or just come to share your joy of moving to music with others. We dance to a wide variety of music – contemporary pop, country, soul, classic rock, R&B etc.
Peggy Bates danczen@gmail.com