• NourishMe (map)
  • 151 Main Street South
  • Ketchum
  • (208) 928-7604

Learn the easy practice of fermenting your own vegetables with a hands-on demonstration, recipes, and even a jar of kraut to take home. Cultured foods provide super-packed nutrition, long storage, and a reliable supply of probiotics for digestive health. 

Also covered will be the Ayurvedic Five Tastes and how to use them to guide you to seasonally appropriate foods and dishes to support your body's health during Springtime. If properly supported, this season starts a cleansing and alkalizing process to rev up digestion. clear liver stagnation, and naturally slim you down. Participants receive handouts of detailed instructions and recipes and get to experiment with a complimentary jar of delicious sauerkraut (retail value $15.95) to ferment at home! Class is only $20 per participant and seating is limited so register early.