• Whiskey Jacques (map)
  • 251 N Main St
  • Ketchum
  • (208) 726-5297

Friday June 30th The Idaho Hitmen (Cover Band, Lewiston Idaho) performing live at Whiskey Jacques!! Doors at 9p.m. $5.00 entry at the door.  For more info on The Idaho Hitmen go to: http://www.idahohitmen.com/


The genesis of the band happened in 2013, when Luke Nuxoll saw Dusty Katzenberger singing at a community event. “He was just nailing this Beatles tune, and it captured me right away”, explained Luke. “There was a piano player and a drummer behind him, but the guitarist was nowhere to be found. Me being a huge fan of George Harrison, I just jumped on stage, grabbed the guitar, and ripped a lead on the solo break.” It wasn’t long before they decided to form a band, and knew that mutual friend Curt Boyer would be the drummer. “I’d been gigging with him since he was 15 years-old, and we always had great chemistry on stage”, says Luke. They went through several bassists in the first few months, without finding a match. Luke picks up the story, “I met this guy who was in the college of music at UI, and I asked him if he knew any bass players that fit the sound we were after. He gave me Stefan (Jarocki)’s number, who was a sophomore in the jazz school. The dude showed up after one phone conversation, plugged in, and proceeded to melt our faces; we’d never heard anybody that played bass like that! And, when we all picked up our instruments and joined in, it was pure magic from the start.” Before long, the band was in demand at local dance clubs, and created their own market playing for fraternity and sorority events, which up until then were dominated by DJ’s. Their big break came in 2015, when they were invited to open up for two major acts: Collective Soul and Colbie Callait. “It was such a confirmation of all the hard work we had put into the band”, Dusty says. “We had the hard rock and 90’s crowd cheering us on, and showing us respect; and 3 weeks later, we had all of the pop music fans just going crazy for our set.” From then on, The Idaho Hitmen became a dominant act in the region, and began to grow beyond the club scene. They have spent the last year focusing on the bigger corporate events, annual benefits, tribal gaming casinos, fairs and festivals, and private parties. “Our first major sponsored event was inside the football stadium at my university,” Curt chuckles. “We realized pretty quickly that this was a couple notches above what we were used to. We had to hire a stylist to show us how to look as good as we play, and we spent a lot of time in the rehearsal studio putting together a performance that really wowed from front to back; ‘all killer, no filler’ was our war chant.”

    With so many performances under their belts, and a firm grip on the regional scene, The Idaho Hitmen are looking to expand into the national market. They are being represented by Siler and Associates, an agency with a storied history in the Vegas/Reno/Atlantic City markets, and the reputation of bringing great entertainment to corporate clients. Luke sums up their plans like this, “I went to Vegas for the first time last year, and saw some of the cabaret acts. There’s no doubt that there’s some great musicians down there, but there’s not a lot of authenticity.” Dusty agrees, “I would rather see an older guy playing Elvis or CCR. Watching them try to pull off Bruno Mars or Adam Levine just seems hollow to me. If you want to see a fresh arrangement, and a genuine perspective on contemporary music, look no further than The Idaho Hitmen…”killing it is our business, and business is good.”