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  • 220 Lewis St
  • Ketchum
  • (208)-928-6241

The Spot will open its third season with an original adaptation of Shakespeare's MACBETH, running in repertory with nexStage Theatre's THE WINTER'S TALE as part of the Sun Valley Shakespeare Festival.

The production began at the ART / MXAT Institute at Harvard University Class of 2014 as a collaborative piece, comprised of five actors with virtually no budget and a massive church basement within which to stage it. Natalie Battistone (director) and Kevin Wade (musical director) saw the show while in the program and thought it would translate brilliantly to The Spot. And thus, Alec Manley Wilson's 90 minute adaptation has been reformatted and arranged to suit our actors and The Spot's unique space. 

It is a site-specific performance, meaning the audience will follow the actors from scene to scene. There will not be seating provided, however, there will be auxiliary chairs and locations within the set to account for audience members who need to sit. 

It's a bloody, mystical and musical whirlwind as Macbeth's ambition, spurred on by his wife's "undaunted mettle" and some inexplicable "supernatural solicitings" lead him to ascend the throne, perched upon all those who may have formerly impeded him from the "golden round."

Our small cast boasts a wealth of familiar faces... 
starring Brett Moellenberg and Yanna Lantz as

And featuring Peter Burke as MACDUFF, Kevin Wade as the WITCHES and Natalie Battistone as the "blood-boltered BANQUO."

students | $10
adults | $20

special festival package
acbeth + the winter's tale
students | $20
adults | $30

suitable for ages 10+ due to violence and some scary sequences