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‘Singular Butterfly: Verse 3/3’ explores the cross connections of sustainable growth, specifically those connecting the environment around us and the cellular environments within our bodies. It introduces a new concept of tectonic energy calibration, as it relates to Nature and returning our artificial architectural environments to a more natural state, with a holistic approach to fabricating architecture for human places.

This concept is discussed in book in reference to ideas such as atmospheric health, adaptation, and climate buffering. ‘Singular Butterfly’ is the first of a growing series of books called ‘Singular Architecture’. As a basis for this architectural ideology, the science and philosophy of the butterfly effect is proposed as a springboard for understanding human induced chaos into the environment. Contrast between the ‘modern’ butterfly effect and ‘holistic’ butterfly effect is developed to present the detriments of toxicity of human civilization, in terms of architectural environments, and tectonic solutions for healing our habitable places and as a result healing ourselves.

Ms. Hoeksema is an architect and cultural observer. She is a licensed Professional Architect and has exhibited and produced work internationally.