• Gilliam Contemporary (map)
  • 661 Sun Valley Rd.
  • Ketchum
  • 208-726-7585

 Please join us for the opening reception Friday August 4th 5- 8 pm 

 Gilman Contemporary presents Wendel Wirth’s photographic series No Vacancy. Known for her landscape photographs with a minimalist palette, Wirth has turned her lens to small town Americana. No Vacancy reflects the stories that form within us as we pass through unfamiliar places.  While the black and white image alludes to cinema and storytelling, the color blocks add a sense of movement and heighten the narrative.

The gallery also will exhibit painter James Austin Murray, who paints within self-imposed rules that allow him to create engaging works in pure Ivory black oil on canvas. The unadulterated pigment allows for the texture and movement of the paint to reflect light in a way that tricks the eye. Murray’s work evokes Zen sand gardens in the quiet raking of the paint. His work is meditative and precise making the flat surface expand and contract, ripple and pulse.  

Also presenting Kelly Ording’s paintings of minimal geometric patterns on dyed canvas. The paintings are complex in their simplicity as each piece balances representation and abstraction with simplicity, depth and nuance.

Also on display: James Austin Murray and Kelly Ording