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  • 411 N Leadville Ave Ste 3
  • Ketchum
  • (248) 561-5120

Hosted by: Deborra's Fine Art 

Deborra Marshall Bohrer
Sun Valley, Idaho USA
Bachelor of Arts, Mount Mary College, Interior Design

Email: info@deborra.com
Website: www.deborra.com
Phone: 208.720.1934
Ginna Lagergren 2001-2003
David deVillier 2004-2008

Featured Artist and Gallery Shows:
Gilman Contemporary Sun Valley, Idaho 2009
287 Spring Gallery Soho, New York City 2013
Muse Gallery, Longmont Arts Council, Longmont, Colorado 2014
St. Lukes Regional Hospital Exhibit, Ketchum, Idaho 2015, August 2016-February 2017
Wood River Studio Tour, Wood River Valley 2013-2017
Smithsonian Exhibit “Water Ways”, Sun Valley Museum, Ketchum, Idaho, July & August 2016
The Community Library, Ketchum, Idaho, July-October 2016
"Cranes" Exhibition The Community Library, Ketchum, Idaho, July-December 2017
The Lipton Fine Art Gallery, August-September 2017

Private Collections:
Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Washington DC, Palm Desert, San Diego, Boise, Salt Lake City, Boston, 
Paris, France, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, California

Published Work:
International Contemporary Artists, 4th Edition 2012 pp.50-51
Lemonidou, Eve (Compiler)
Revelations in Reality 2013
Published by Creative Concept Inc.
Sun Valley Idaho:
Idaho Mountain Express
The Weekly Sun