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Catering & bistro

Rasberrys Catering & Bistro uses fresh, local and organic ingredients whenever and wherever possible. When you visit Rasberrys for lunch, be prepared to delight your palate with unique and flavorful homemade combinations. Soups, sandwiches and specials take away the hunger with their hearty portions. The Mexican dishes have been customers' favorites since opening the doors 13 years ago.

Callie, Maeme and crew invite you to dine weekdays at the Bistro to experience everything they are creating with each season’s bountiful offerings of local ingredients.

Custom caterings of any size are always welcome. The following easy pickups can complement any weeknight dinner, school lunches or get-togethers with friends and family:  fresh baked breads, take-and-bake cinnamon rolls and cookies, ginger beer, kombucha, small batch ice cream, homemade chips and dips, seasonal soups, salads and comforting main dishes.